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Farmers Markets Near Oswego for the Best Local Produce and Goods

Farmers Markets and summertime tend to go hand in hand, with many markets running through the fall. There’s something wonderful about fresh, local produce and handcrafted goods. Small businesses and farmers can showcase their products and services to the community, and it feels good to the consumer to know where their food came from. We…

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An Abundance of Outdoor Activities in Oswego Parks and the Fox River

Getting outside during summer is one of the greatest joys of the warm season here in Illinois, and here at Farmington Lakes, we want to share with you just how much we love the outdoors. While Lake Michigan may be close enough for a day trip, there is plenty of outdoor fun right here in…

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The Top 3 Fourth of July Fireworks Shows Near Farmington Lakes

Let Your Imagination Take You There Swoosh! The breeze flutters as blankets are unrolled, frisbees fly, and picnic baskets abound with fruit, potato salad, and sandwiches.  Splash! So cold! Drinks are yanked from iced coolers while beer flows from kegs in the beer garden. You can almost feel the fun on your skin as laughter…

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