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at Farmington Lakes Apartments, Oswego, 60543
Make Paradise Your Home

Make Paradise Your Home

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Have you ever felt so tranquil that time seemed to pause? You suddenly see yourself just sitting by the lakeside, sipping your coffee, while reading your favorite book. Then birds start to chirp as you feel the cold morning breeze brush along your skin. That's life at Farmington Lakes!  

Here at Farmington Lakes Apartments, we make sure that your indoor living experience is as equally stunning as the outdoor landscape.

You may be wondering how to transform your apartment into your own indoor utopia, but here at Farmington Lakes, we make that happen! 

Clever ways and smart ideas surrounding renovations have been rampant especially at the onset of the pandemic. For most of us, renovations could mean more than the actual appearance, or maybe the appearance itself could help shatter the anxiety the pandemic continually brings into our homes. 

Whatever the reason may be, remember that the most important ingredient in any renovation is love and your imagination. A house is built upon a structure, but a home is built upon care and compassion. Farmington Lakes now offers renovated apartments based on your design choice! 

Aside from an array of pleasant amenities, our adroitly designed homes will definitely make your living experience at Farmington Lakes Apartments extra special. 

Our one-bedroom apartments cover between 725 and 908 square feet, with a variety of layouts to fit your personal style. Meanwhile, the two-bedroom apartments which are around 1,211 square-feet are a spacious escape to come home to. 

Whatever your options might be, you will surely feel the quietude these suites bring especially with their sophisticated designs. Enjoy basking in the warmth of the daylight permeating through the living room windows, continue to wallow in awe of the outside scenery just from your patio/balcony, or dive into your cozy bed whenever you feel tired. Complete sets of appliances and the overall interior design of these suites will surely leave you elated! 

Because we only exist for your serenity and comfort, we are dedicated to making your already gorgeous apartment a lot more homey and cozy.

Live in paradise; live in Farmington Lakes now. 

Come book your appointment today! 

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