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10 Fun Ways to Show Mom You Care this Mother's Day

10 Fun Ways to Show Mom You Care this Mother’s Day

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Mom may have given you your name, but did you know that babies across the world name their mothers, too?

Whether she’s your mama, mum, or mommy, most names for mother sound similar no matter which language you’re speaking. This isn’t by chance! One of the easiest sounds to make when we’re born is “ma,” which means the first thing we all want to do is say hello to our moms.

The physical, mental, and emotional connection we share with our mothers before we’re even born is one of the most beautiful bonds we could ever form in life. If you want to remind your mom how much you love and appreciate her, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity.

Want to know some creative ways to make your mom feel special? Keep reading to learn about 20 unique Mother’s Day ideas for activities and gifts that she’s sure to love.

Mother’s Day Ideas for Activities

Moms appreciate anything you give them, but if you have the ability to spend time with yours, then you’ll be her best gift. Do you live nearby or plan on visiting your mom for Mother’s Day? If so, treat her to loads of fun with any one of these 10 activities.

1. Treat Her to Breakfast in Bed or Brunch

Lots of kids try to make their moms a nice breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day. If you didn’t get help from an older sibling or parent, you probably wound up serving her burned toast, soggy cereal, or raw pancakes. Even if the food wasn’t good, breakfast in bed was an event she looked forward to each year because the gesture was sweet.

If your cooking skills have improved, you could treat her to a gourmet breakfast in bed. However, if you want to relax and enjoy your time with your mom, a more practical activity would be taking her out for brunch. After you’ve filled your bellies, you can keep the fun going by taking her for a walk in a nearby park or go window shopping.

2. Do Some Scrapbooking

Did your mom always have the camera out when you were a kid? Take your mom on a walk down memory lane by revisiting all of your childhood photos and try scrapbooking together. If she enjoys shopping, you can even take her out to an arts and crafts store to stock up on supplies you like best.

Not only is this a wonderful way to remember all of the special moments you’ve had with your mom, but you can give the finished product to her as a gift. Don’t forget to write sweet captions under each photo to express how much your mom means to you.

3. Pack a Picnic and Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Was your mom a fan of planning family picnics when you were growing up? Is she the type of person who enjoys going outside for some fresh air and exercise? If so, you can make her special day more memorable by planning a delicious picnic in a scenic spot outdoors.

If your mom likes being active, then you should scout around for some local hiking, biking, or walking trails that are suitable for her fitness levels. If you think she’d rather relax and soak up some sunshine, a local park or meadow works great, too. Once you find the perfect spot, your picnic will feel magical.

The good news is you don’t have to worry about preparing an extravagant meal. If you’re not much of a cook, head over to the grocery store and stop by the deli to pick up some sandwiches. Don’t forget to grab some drinks and snacks while you’re there.

4. Explore Your City Like Tourists

Some people can live in the same city for years without ever getting to know their surroundings. When you fall into a comfortable routine, you can forget that your city has lots of fun things to do. One silly activity to do with your mom is to pretend you’re tourists and explore your city as you’ve never been there before.

Be sure to check out travel guides like TripAdvisor or Yelp to learn about the top attractions that draw in other visitors. Map out an itinerary that’ll keep you busy all day. Don’t forget to try a new restaurant during lunchtime, too!

5. Buy Tickets to Her Favorite Event

Moms do everything they can for their children so that usually means they don’t have a lot of time to go out and have fun. Thank your mom for all that she gave you by giving her tickets to her favorite event. This could be a concert, a sporting event, or any other form of entertainment.

Be sure to make a whole day of it! You can grab drinks or have a sit-down meal before or after the event. Since it’s her special day, make sure she feels spoiled. The event is sure to be a treat, but spending quality time with you is the best gift of all.

6. Plan a Wellness Day

Did you know that by the time you turned one, your mom gave up 44 days of sleep to take care of you? Although the first year can be the most challenging, motherhood at any age requires lots of self-sacrifices. To give thanks, you can spend Mother’s Day taking care of your mom with some wellness activities.

In the morning, you could go to a fitness class together like yoga or kickboxing. After you build up an appetite, refuel with some nutritious smoothies and other healthy eats.

Then, you can spend the rest of the day doing anything else that will help recharge your mom. This could mean getting a pedicure, relaxing at the beach, or getting a massage. Ask your mom what will make her feel her best and do it.

7. Host a Cozy Movie Night at Home

Who doesn’t love to curl up on the couch with some good snacks and watch their favorite show or movie? If your mom is laid-back, a movie night could be the perfect Mother’s Day treat. You’ll need to have a nice selection of films she enjoys, good snacks, and cozy blankets for the perfect evening.

Popcorn is an obvious must-have movie snack. Other fun ideas could include setting up all of the fixings to build ice cream sundaes or buying a bunch of classic movie theater candies so you can have an at-home concession stand. Don’t forget to stock up on soda, wine, or any other beverage she drinks while she enjoys herself.

8. Go Shopping at the Farmers’ Market (Then Cook Together!)

Does your mom enjoy the simple things in life? Spend some quality time with her on Mother’s Day by taking her to the farmers’ market. With so many fresh ingredients and other unique products there, you’ll have a blast exploring everything together.

After you’re done, the fun doesn’t have to stop. Head back to the kitchen and try to create a new recipe that combines all of the ingredients you bought. Whether the food turns out good or bad, you’ll share lots of laughs while you get creative and work as a team.

9. Go Bar-Hopping, Bakery-Hopping, or Any Other Fun Hopping

If your mom is free-spirited, then she’ll love going out on the town and sampling the best food or drinks around. You can keep things classic by going bar-hopping or you can use that method and apply it to any other type of attraction. The goal is to spend the day visiting different places that offer some of her favorite things.

Does she have a sweet tooth? Take her on an adventure by stopping at every bakery in town and picking out the most exciting treat there. Once you’ve collected all of your goodies, you can sit down somewhere scenic and enjoy your treasures.

If she’s a coffee lover, you could also hop around local cafés to sample unique creations at each 

location. Just be sure to throw some decaf into the mix so you don’t get too jumpy!

10. Try Something New

Is your mom the adventurous type? If so, she’ll have a blast trying a new activity with you. 

Whether it’s taking a painting class, going kayaking, or skydiving, you only have one rule to follow. The activity that you choose has to be something both of you have never done before.

If you need some help deciding what to do, Groupon is the perfect site to find local activities at a discounted price. You can scroll through the offers together and pick something that sounds exciting to both of you.

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